Best places on the web to learn about real estate

If you are looking to take advantage of today’s market and you are new to real estate then the whole “buying a house” thing can seem quite daunting.  There are so many terms to know, foreclosure, REO, short sale, broker points, etc. If you are not familiar then you may feel overwhelmed. Even if you hire a realtor, how do you know that you hired a good realtor? Even if you do hire a good realtor, you still want to have a working knowledge for yourself so that you can make an informed decision. Here are some websites that will give you some insight into today’s real estate market and real estate in general. Visit these sites and read some of the articles and soon you will be as savvy in real estate as Donald Trump! Well, at least you will be well informed enough to make a wise decision when buying your next home.


Need information about where you are considering moving? Then check out city this site gives you all kinds of statistics on most popular urban areas and individual communities. This is great for checking community average home prices, crime rates, and especially checking to see if a county or city is broke (wink,wink! Cook County).


Cyberhomes is an excellent site to learn more about almost every aspect of real estate. Learn about what criteria to look for in a neighborhood, learn about how to judge a school system, etc. This is an excellent site to get answers to quirky questions you just can’t find anywhere else.


Coldwell Banker is a real estate agency and they have offices all over the country.  Their website is very impressive and it is full of information for first time homebuyers and families that just want to learn more about the buying process. The site addresses many issues that come up when buying a home.


Zillow is an excellent website to check the value of a home. But what you may not know is that Zillow has a great forum where you can get free advice for your questions from local area realtors and people who have been through similar experiences. Zillow has a general questions forum and then it has different forums to ask specific questions. You can also get a lot of information by just reading the questions others have asked.


Redfin is another great site that gives you a lot of information on specific houses for sale. Redfin goes beyond what a typical search site shows you about a house and it gives you information on how long a house has been on the market as well as comparable sales and maps. This site is very informative and allows you to do great research when looking for a home.

Using these sites, you should find great information and learn a lot about what is involved when buying or selling a house. My only advice to you is this. Use these sites to educate yourself. Lack of knowledge when dealing with real estate can literally cost you thousands.

Until next week, Good luck and God Bless

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