Best ways to find homes for rent or rent to own

Many families are looking for alternative housing programs. Things like rent to own and owner financing. Even more families are looking for just a house to rent as oppose to an apartment. Well if you have ever tried to find a rent to own house or a house offering owner financing, you might see that the task is quite challenging. You do not know which companies or sellers are reputable and you do not know how to get the most selection to look at. Here are a few tips on how you should conduct your search when looking for a good, quality, rent to own home or for renting a house in general.

Tip #1

Look for companies that offer rent to own housing not owners willing to give you a rent to own lease

Companies that offer rent to own housing are much more likely to have resources that can help you purchase the home you are renting.  Many rent to own companies have connections with bank lender and in some cases have credit repair programs. An individual owner is more concerned with just selling their home and they may not have good working knowledge of what can help you to purchase the home. Owners are much more likely to leave the purchasing part to you and won’t offer any help.

Tip #2

Start your search online before you drive thru an area

As if you did not know, you can search areas much faster on the internet than driving and with today’s gas prices, why bother? Most rent to own homes are listed online and many do not have signage on the actual property. So you won’t even know that the houses are available. However, by searching online you can qualify the property and make sure you qualify for the property before ever going out. It is sure to save you some time.

Tip # 3

Search the top sites for rent to own, owner financing, or lease options

The top sites that companies and investors post to are Ebay Classifieds, Craigslist, Hotpads, and rentbits. These sites have the most rent to own, owner-financing properties and will lead you to companies that specialize in these types of transactions.

Tip #4

Consider using a realtor

Some realtors work with rent to own and owner financing, especially in this tight market. Give a few realtors a call and see what they can find for you.

Using these tips, you should find a great, affordable place. Just make sure you find a program you feel works for you and the terms of your purchase are clear.

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